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幫忙找有關於音樂的英文文章 新聞 或 廣告



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    ◆ renowned Taiwan pipa 演奏家 Luo Chaoyun 2,008 springs musics season

    Renowned international pipa 演奏家 ----- Luo Chaoyun (Luo Chao-yun) 2,008 springs musics season performance travelling schedule soon new year starts after the lunar calendar.

    Luo Chaoyun indicated to reporter that, this year spring will tour the concert to tour to country and so on Japan, Taiwan, Serbia.

    Detailed number of showings as follows:

    (1) "the world is strongest extemporaneously" ----- Luo Chaoyun (Pipa), Masashi Harada (Japanese famous vision extemporaneously piano plays master) extemporaneously instrumental duet Taiwan, Japan tours the concert

    On February 21 ----- the state-run Hsinchu education university music is plays the hall, the master class demonstration lecture (Hsinchu afternoon field)

    On April 5 ----- Japanese 広 Island ア ス テ ー ル プ ラ ザ (ASTER PLAZA) the concert (late goes on stage)

    In April 28 ----- Chinese University assembly hall (Hsinchu afternoon field), the Taiwan Technical University (Taibei late goes on stage)

    On April 29 ----- righteousness defends the university to synthesize the teaching building small theater (Gaoxiong afternoon field), the Gaoxiong first scientific and technical university (Gaoxiong late goes on stage)

    On April 30 ----- auxiliary England scientific and technical university (Gaoxiong afternoon field)

    On May 1 ----- is repairing the scientific and technical university art center (Gaoxiong afternoon field), the state-run union university (Miaoli late goes on stage)

    On May 2 ----- National Taiwan University (Taibei daytime field)

    On May 5 ----- established provisionally the Taibei art university music is the master class lecture (Taibei daytime field), the Yuan wisdom university has 庠 a hall six halls building (peach garden late to go on stage)

    2008-01-29 21:26:53 補充:

    (2) "the skill", celebrates Taiwan on May 4 the literary festival specially to move ------ Luo Chaoyun (Pipa), Chen Chiai (composing music), Hu and it (piano), the forest law (guqin), Chen Hsingchou (light & movie), Chen?k'ai (martial arts)

    On May 4 ----- Jilong cultural center performance hall

    2008-01-29 21:27:58 補充:

    (3) "Chen Chiai the work publication, Luo Chaoyun & Hu with it scene extemporaneously" ----- Chen Chiai (composing music), Luo Chaoyun (Pipa) & Hu (piano) the scene creates the instrumental duet with it extemporaneously

    On May 8 ----- long glory university (afternoon field)

    2008-01-29 21:28:41 補充:

    (4) "the 15th session of Serbia international art festival" begins, concludes solo recital ----- Luo Chaoyun (Pipa), Chen?k'ai (martial arts extemporaneously)

    On May 18 ∼ on 25th ----- Međ Unarodni festival pozoriš Ta za decu u Subotici (late goes on stage)

    2008-01-29 21:29:44 補充:

    Luo Chaoyun indicated that, can have the opportunity for own hometown Taiwan populace performance is her greatest being honored, leads the Taiwan populace to explore her the pipa performance art which with the

    2008-01-29 21:29:55 補充:

    various countries musician, the artists cooperates. Likes Luo Chaoyun pipa performance art the friends, welcome to grasp the rare opportunity to go to the appreciation.

    2008-01-29 21:30:16 補充:

    Taiwan tours the performance to meet the one's own support: Cross regards the border advertisement limited company, in the Taibei county and city new people street 94 lanes 17 1~2F, TEL: 2221-8161

    Taiwan news one's own support: Chen Shufen, day eye news literary arts department.

    2008-01-29 21:30:30 補充:



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