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尋找Amy Winehouse 'rehab' REMIX版


Amy Winehouse -------'rehab' REMIX(ft.Jay-z)版-歌詞

主要是中間 Jay-z 唱的那段RAP!!!




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    [Verse 3 (Jay-Z):]

    Young, uh

    Mo money, mo checks, im addicted to fresh

    6 pair of kicks is my definition of 12 steps

    Kick back in the back, get the phantom to drop

    Bass blarin outta my system, thats how i detox

    O when will he stop, he still pumpin that real sh*t

    My flow so dumb, my face is numb, n*gga,i dont feel sh*t

    Where's a therapist? Yea I'm outta control

    They tryna make me go to rehab, I won't go, no

    And so I'm addicted, I'm Britney, Whitney, and Bobby

    Betty Ford ain't ready for us, ain't nothin can stop me

    Oh look he's collapsin, just look how he's rappin

    Everytime I try to get out it pulls me back in

    Amy should have rehabed him,'stead she doubled his ration

    Can you blame me for being a slave to my passion

    My heroine flows more deeper than Marilyn's nose I'ma O.D.

    'til I'm in peace like Anna Nicole,


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