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請問 database 和 archive 有何不同?


還是其實都一樣的,只是以前講 database 而現在流行講 archive 而已?





Thanks a lot for your reply, tinsoldier_x. ^_^

According to your reply, is it appropriate to say that normally database is bigger than archive, or that a section/sections in a database will, so to speak, be preserved as an archive/archives?

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I tried e-mailing you but failed because you disenabled it. ^_^

I think I'm already very happy with your answer as is because what you said is pretty much the same as what I saw in the on-line dictionaries, but you provide with much more details and that really clear things up for me.

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    Hi there,

    Database is , well, database :)

    Archive is a 'backup' of old data required by a database, usually in database recovery process. For example, Oracle is a database. You can configure it to run in archive log mode , or no archive log mode. With the archive mode enabled, the database will save all the transactions as archive, and you can use this archive to recover a crashed database, etc.

    Hope that helps.

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    Well, it is a bit hard to explain in such a small space :) Depending on the implementation and requirements, archive size can be anywhere between zero, to many times the size of a running database. I have a customer whose production database hits 200Gb, and it generates 40Gb of archive every day :)

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    Email me if you need more details. Cheers!

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    Archive can contain any data that has gone into/out of the database. Yes, it can even contain data that has been removed from your database :)

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    Sorry about the e-mail thing. It was my problem, hehe.