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1) What is the material that most of the major commercial buildings in downtown San Francisco were constructed in before the earthquake of 1906?

For 1 Point(s)Answer:

A) Brick

B) Stone

C) Wood

D) None of the above

2) The arrangement of windows that projects out from an exterior wall is called ___________.

For 1 Point(s)Answer:

A) Mansard

B) Bay Window

C) Dormer Window

D) None of the above

3) In which style do Mansard Roofs occur?

For 1 Point(s)Answer:

A) Italianate

B) Queen Anne

C) Second Empire

D) Stick

4) What is the name of the Victorian style derived from Northern Italian farmhouses, sometimes called "The Bracketed"?

For 1 Point(s)Answer:

A) Italianate

B) Stick

C) Eastlake

D) None of the above

5) Large Victorian houses in cities did not have any of the conveniences that modern houses have.

For 1 Point(s)Answer:



6) The most common source for lighting in the cities of the 19th century was ___________.

For 1 Point(s)Answer:

A) Electricity

B) Oil

C) Coal Gas

D) None of the above

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    2008-02-22 07:06:54 補充:

    1) A: Brick (我猜的.... 你上課難道沒有課文嗎!?)

    2) B: Bay Window

    3) C: Second Empire

    4) A: Italianate

    5) T (我猜的..... 你的課本有資訊吧?)

    6) C: Coal Gas

    參考資料: Zeusie
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    1.) Brick (might be wood, but I think brick makes more sense for commercial building)

    2.) Bay Window

    3.) Second Empire

    4.) Italianate

    5.) False

    6.) Coal Gas

    (living in bay area over 5 yrs.)

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