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*§§ EXTE:HairExtensions §§* January 29 . 28

Lately Ied the DVD of "EXTE". It's a horror film.

Thec movie described the dead body of a young girl which hair can

extensionand attakes people.

Yamazaki a morgue night watchman is sinister and aberrant personality,

he is a strange personage.

The movie character Yuko is a young wannbe hair stylist apprenticing at

hair salon.

She has long black hair is very pretty ,I like Yuko very much.

And, don't expect too much of this movie.

It's not enough horroible.

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    *§§ EXTE:HairExtension§§* January 29 . 28

    Lately rent a horrid movie "EXTE"DVD .

    The movie was described a dead young girl, Yuko, whose long pretty black hair could extend unlimitedly and attack people. When she was alive, she wanna be a hair stylist. I like this character very much.

    Yamazaki, who was involved with the movie, was a watchman guard of morgue at night. He has sinister and aberrant personality.

    In short, don't expect you will get scared from this movie.

    It's not that horrible.

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    Lately rent a horrid movie "EXTE".


    口語說 RENT a movie就知道是DVD啦

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