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find a phrase that is usually pairedwith each two-part verb.

(some phrase go with more than one verb.)then add on more phrase for

each verb.

A :

the garbage

the mess

the newspapers

the groceries

the microwave

the towels

your coat

your laptop

B :

clean up

hang up

pick up

put away

take out

throw out

turn on

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    clean up (清理) ===> the mess (慣用句)

    hang up (掛起來) ===> the towels, your coat

    pick up (撿起來) ===> the garbage, your coat, your sth.

    put away (收拾) ===> the newpapers, the groceries, your coat

    take out (拿出來) ===> your towels, your coat, your laptop, etc.

    throw out (丟掉) ===> the garbage, the newspaper, your coat, etc.

    turn on (把 "電器" 打開) ===> the microwave, your laptop,

    參考資料: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English