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(1)I hope that all of you will _______Ms. Mato yort undivided attention for the next half hour.

take / pay / give 為什要選give

(2)The economy has been sluggish for the last few quarters,but several signs _______ to a speedy recovery .

indicate / show / demonstrate / point為什麼要選point

(3)Our expert service staff will do anything they_______to insure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

ought / will / have / can為什麼選can

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    (1)我希望你們大家能讓_____Ms. Mato yort 不間斷地專注在下個半小時.

    1. take選項一開始就錯了

    take someone to somewhere 帶某人到某地

    take something to someone 帶某物給某人

    你看 如果用take的話


    2. pay V.為支付;報償

    pay for sth.

    如是用pay這個選項 pay Ms. Mato yort undivided attention for the next half hour.

    支付Ms. Mato yort 不間斷的意見在下個半小時.也是在文理上行不通的

    3.give v.給予

    give someone sth.


    (2) indicate, show, demonstrate都有表示的意思

    但是________後面有to a speedy recovery.

    indicate 是及物動詞 後面不用接介詞

    show也是及物動詞 後面不用接介詞

    demonstrate 也是

    point V. 不及物動詞

    point to 指出

    (3) ought 應該

    will 將會

    have 有

    can 能力範圍可作的


    用ought 是合理的 ,不過沒有人這樣用

    用 do anything they can 也感覺上比較有誠意阿!

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