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p.s 要確定的答案,可以的話請說在哪裡看過。

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  • C L
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    其實答案簡單清楚,只要參考線上維基百科解釋”beep” (,第一段的第一和...

    A beep is a noise, generally of a single tone, often generated by a machine. In some computer terminals, the ASCII character code 7, bell character, outputs an audible beep. Beeps are also used as a warning when a truck or bus is reversing — a sound sometimes referred to as a Nader bell.

    (第三句話意思:嗶嗶聲也用作汽車倒車時的警訊,有時也稱為”Nader bell”)


    ... The message box opens with a beep sound. ... 訊息框開啟時會嗶一聲

    ... Printers with LCD displays use error messages along with beeps to inform the user of problems. ...   印表機的LCD幕顯示錯誤訊息時也發出嗶嗶聲,告知使用者

    “beep”因為可以作名詞和動詞,因此除了上面作名詞的例子,也可以用動詞表達”一聲嗶”或”連續嗶” ,底下也是英語網站的例句:

    ... The device automatically beeped once in the morning and once in the evening to ... 該裝置會在早上和晚上各自動嗶一聲 (beeped once = sounded one beep)

    "My smoke alarm keeps beeping even though the batteries have been replaced?" 雖然換過新電池,偵煙器還是嗶嗶聲不停 (動詞用法的各種同義句式:

    keep beeping = continue beeping = beep continuously = stay beeping = not stop beeping = beep on = beep on and on)

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    謝謝回答 ^ ^

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    It keep beeping.

    It keep on beeping.

    It beeps continuously.

    It continue beeping.

    It beeps and beeps.


    It just beep once.

    it only beep once.

    It beep only one time.

    It beep one time.

    參考資料: ~Self~
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  • 1 0 年前

    keep beeping vs beep once.

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