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My foot is asleep

請問 My foot is asleep是什麼意思啊

請問My foot is asleep是什麼意思啊

請問My foot is asleep是什麼意思啊



feel like a million bucks怎麼解釋呢 謝謝

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  • ivan
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    My foot is asleep的意思是﹁我的腳麻了﹂或﹁我的腳失去知覺﹂。

    我曾讀過以下這篇文章,大意是敘述如果坐在自己的腳上,一段時間不調整姿勢,隨著血液不流通與壓迫神經傳導,自己的腳就會麻痺。My foot is asleep不能直譯為我的腳睡著了,而是翻成較口語化的我的腳麻了或我的腳失去知覺,較為妥適。敬請指正。

    Jenna had been coloring for almost 25 minutes, sitting with one leg tucked under her. When the bell rang, she jumped up and her leg felt funny. It was asleep!

    If this has happened to you, you know that for a short while you might have lost feeling in your foot, it might have felt heavy, or you might have felt "pins and needles." But why would your foot fall asleep?

    Many people say this is because you've cut off the blood supply to your foot, but your nerves are more to blame. Nerves are like tiny threads or wires that run through your whole body, and they carry messages back and forth between your brain and body.

    When you sit on your foot, you temporarily compress, or squash, the nerves in that area. These nerves can't send messages back to the brain normally, and so for the moment, the connection is cut off and you don't feel anything. It's kind of like a phone call where your friend hangs up and you haven't yet: Your brain is saying "hello," but your foot isn't able to answer.

    After you stand up or uncross your legs and the nerves are no longer compressed, the feeling in your foot soon comes back. It might feel a bit tingly as this happens, like pins and needles or even a bit painful. But it only lasts a few seconds as the connection returns to normal, and it won't hurt your body.

    Worried about your sleepy feet? You don't need to be - everyone has a foot fall asleep once in a while, and it's rare for it to mean there is something wrong in a kid's body. If you want to keep your feet awake and kicking, don't sit on them or put them in other positions where you're squashing the nerves.

    Updated and reviewed by: Larissa Hirsch, MD

    Date reviewed: July 2007

    參考資料: 個人淺見
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    002 ivan 網友提供的文章真是不錯! ^_^ b

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    feel like a million (bucks) = feel great (感覺好極了)


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    My foot is asleep的意思是 我的腳麻了

    asleep 在這句子的用意就是 "麻"的意思

    其實這句子蠻意思的. 指的就像你腳麻好像當機不work了, 就像睡著一樣. 所以用asleep. 比較口語話來講. 當然不事說你腳真的睡覺了

    我一開始聽人家講也是不知道意思, 但想想也是蠻好玩得


    My foot went asleep.

    因為腳麻"了" 過去式一樣

    but i guess either works

    參考資料: 在美國的我
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    asleep 如果是形容詞 (adjective)


    1. 睡著的

    He seems to be fast asleep.


    2. 已死的, (手,腳等)麻木的

    When I woke my left arm was asleep.



    Her mind was asleep.


    4. 缺乏警惕的

    She is asleep to the danger.


    如當做副詞( adverb)


    1. 進入睡眠狀態

    The fat guy dropped asleep shortly after the film began.


    2. 進入靜止狀態

    Their anxieties were put asleep.



    你的問題是 My foot is asleep


    "我的腳 (麻木, 麻痺, 發痲 或 不聽使喚)了"



    另外 yahoo的奇摩字典還不錯用喔

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