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Where does conflict happen?

Answer in english.

Thank you.

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    Actually, I am not sure what you meant by that question.

    "Where does conflict happen? " You didn't even say what kind of conflict or some details about your question.

    Since you didn't offer enough information for the people who read your question, I will just use my own way to answer you.

    "Conflict" usually happened when there are more than one individual who have different opinions, and they all disagree with other people's thoughts. Since they disagree other people's opinions, conflicts happen by that way sometimes, or we can also say "argument."

    For me, conflict can happen anywhere. As long as somewhere people don't agree with each other, there is a possibility for conflict to happen...

    參考資料: The opinion from myself...
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  • 1 0 年前

    1. a situation in which it is difficult for two things to exist together or be true at the same time.

    2. a feeling of being nervous or unhappy because you want two different things at the same time.

    3. if different ideas or opinions conflict, they can't all be right or can't all happen.

    參考資料: Macmillan dictionary
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