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cost recovery charge 是什麼意思

shipping charge 中有一個cost recovery charge,請問是什麼意思

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    「成本回收費用」 或是 「成本補償費用」,不過AT&T電信公司的中文網站翻成「成本核定費用」

    一些組織或公司單位在提供服務給用戶時,有額外在營運之外所產生的成本,而且這種成本通常不固定,隨時會變動。所以這些組織會選擇將此不固定成本,透過向用戶另行收費,以轉嫁此成本給用戶,這種情況,我們稱這樣的收費為 Cost Recovery Charge.



    電話公司成本核定費用(Carrier Cost Recovery Fee)



    Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge

    The Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge is a charge assessed by AT&T and is not a tax or government-mandated charge. This charge is subject to change from time to time as the cost of compliance changes.

    The purpose of the charge is to defray AT&T's costs associated with payment of fees and compliance with various initiatives imposed by the government. Please note that costs may be incurred and charged prior to initiation of any of the respective services.

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    Cost Recovery Charges

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    1. What is cost recovery?

    A simple definition of cost recovery might read: to recover all of the costs associated with a system, programme or service to ensure long-term sustainability.

    2. Cost-recovery charge -

    I believe this cost-recovery charge is the fee the vendor charges you to recover their costs on sustaining their service/structures.

    3. One example of Cost Recovery Fee

    Child Support – Cost Recovery Fee

    Minnesota law requires the child support agency to charge the applicant for a one percent (1%) cost recovery fee for services providing full child support (IV-D) services. Cost recovery fees supplement the state and federal funding provided to county child support agencies.

    Only one party on a case can be the applicant for services. The applicant for services pays the fee, unless that person is receiving public assistance.

    • Obligee Fees – If the obligee was the applicant for services, and the obligee or the children do not receive public assistance, a one percent cost recovery fee will be deducted from the amount of the obligee’s basic support, medical support, child care support, and spousal maintenance collected.

    Example: If the child support agency collects $150, the obligee’s fee is $1.50. The amount sent to the obligee is $148.50.

    • Obligor Fees – If the obligor was the applicant for services and does not receive medical assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare, a one percent cost recovery fee will be added to the amount of the obligor’s court-ordered child support, medical support, child care support, and spousal maintenance obligations.

    Example: If the court-ordered obligation is $150 per month, the obligor’s fee is $1.50 per month. The monthly obligation is $151.50.

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    cost 成本

    recovery 恢復

    charge 價值