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Jasmin 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


1. 除了英語之外,你還能講其他的語言嗎?

Can you speck another language besides English?


2. 去交換學生需要有良好的會話能力,你對自己的英文有信心嗎?

Exchange student requires good verbal skills. How confident are you in your English proficiency?


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    At present says, English is the mainstream to the various countries international language, itself most is short of also is English expression ability; Future will say, Chinese, the Japanese also possibly will be on the future international more common some languages, therefore, if also will have the opportunity, I also will want to aim at two kind of language to carry on the preliminary understanding.

    Professor will say does not have the mistake, if the student fortunately may be elected this exchange student, lowly will go to US in May to go study, in this period, I earnestly will prepare my English expression ability

    參考資料: 我的英文能力
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