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為了宣揚中國醫學,必須時常與世界各國人民接觸,因此學好英語是非常重要的,尤其是擔任中國醫學的醫師,更要講一口流利的英語,以表現泱泱大國人民的風範。 」

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    「The 21st century belongs to Chinese century. China is one of the oldest & strongest countries in the world. It possesses not only a history of 5,000 years culture, but also world-class scenic spots as well as (traditional) Chinese medical science, all these factors brought people all over the world into China for investment, sightseeing and learning Chinese medical science.

    In order to publicize Chinese medical science, it is necessary to keep in touch with people from other countries, so it is very important to have learnt English well, especially for those doctors who are in the field of Chinese medical science, speaking English fluently is a fundamental requirement, thus and so to perform a fine example of the people in this grand country. 」

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    ' the 21st century is Chinese century, China is one of the oldest , strongest countries of the world, it not merely has a history of 5,000 years culture, there are world-class scenic spots and historical sites even more, and China's medical science , so attract the person all around the world to come to China to make the investment , visit and study China's medical science . In order to advocate China's medical science, must often keep in touch with the people of other countries , so it is very important to learn English well, take on doctor , China of medical science especially , speak English fluently even more, in order to display the demeanour of the people of great country. '