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Political news enjoyed the second largest play. Here we begin to have an indication of preference, as political news ranked only fifth in the “dispatches received” department. Political news seems to be a favorite with Mr.Gates, for even if we subtract the almost ten inches given to a local political story it ranks second in play.

While a total of 33 crime stories was received, only five column inches of crime appeared on the front and “jump” pages of Mr.Gates’s paper. The obvious conclusion is that crime news, as such, does not appeal to this wire editor. But it should be noted that no”big” crime stories broke that day.

As one examines the whole week’s performance of Mr.Gates, as manifested in the stories he chose, certain broad patterns become apparent. What do we know, for example, about the kinds of stories that he selected in preference to others from the same category? What tests of subject matter and way-of-writing did Mr.Gates seem to apply? In almost every case where he had some choice between competing press association stories Mr.Gates preferred the “conservative.” I use this expression not only in terms of its political connotations but also in terms of the style of writing. Sensationalism and insinuation seemed to be avoided consistently.

PS:如果可以的話 能告訴我是出自哪裡嗎?

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    政治報紙享受第二大戲劇。這裡我們開始有特選的徵兆, 如同政治報紙排列了在"五只派遣被接受的" 部門。政治報紙似乎是一個喜愛與Mr.Gates, 為了既使我們減去幾乎十英寸被給一個地方政治故事它其次排列在戲劇。當一共計33

    個罪行故事被接受了, 只有五專欄英寸罪行出現在Mr.Gates's 紙前線和"躍遷" 頁。明顯的結論是那罪行新聞, 不喜歡這位導線編輯。但值得注意的是, no"big" 罪行故事打破了那天。當你依照被體現審查Mr.Gates 整體星期的表現, 在他選擇的故事, 某些寬廣的樣式變得明顯。我們知道什麼, 例如, 他選擇優先於其他人從同樣類別的這种故事? 什麼測試事項並且方式文字Mr.Gates 似乎申請嗎? 在幾乎他有某一選擇在競爭的新聞協會故事之間Mr.Gates 的每個案件更喜歡"保守性。" 我使用這個表示不僅根據它的政治內涵而且根據文字樣式。譁眾取寵和影射似乎一致地被避免。

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