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Try and you will succeed

The character i can not forget

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    Giant Bicycle started its business as an OEM company which means a company that builds things for other companies to put their own brand names on. But now it has become one of the few Taiwanese companies which broke into the exclusive club of famous international brand names. Today it is the world’s number-one bicycle maker.

    Ang Lee has become one of today's greatest contemporary filmmakers. But during his high school years, he was never a top student. The only reason he has made it so big is because he always knew what he wanted deep inside and stuck with it.

    The world famous sculptor Juming was an apprentice for a decade. Then he started studying modern sculpture for another 9 years. Now his works have become the jewels of contemporary Asian Art.

    Lin Hwai-min is another unchallenged giant in Asia. His Cloud Gate Dance Theater has earned the reputation as one of the best in the twentieth century.

    Why are they so successful? Why have they been leading the way? In my opinion, it’s all because they know themselves, explore themselves, believe in themselves and truly be themselves.

    I am very lucky to have my parents. They have never expected me to be a doctor, a scientist or make tons of money. The only thing they had said to me is,” Do whatever you like to do, Mari, as long as you are happy and do no harm to society.” So except for the heavy loads of studying, I have more time than the average high school students here to think about what I like to do. I’ve been so attracted to Dostoeveski and have great passion for his books. Due to that, my parents encouraged me to study Philosophy. Even though everyone says studying philosophy or psychology would end up no where, I think if you really are interested in something, you have a better chance to make a difference, a big difference, just like what Giant Bicycle, Ang Lee, Juming or Lin Hwia-ming have achieved.

    After all, being true towards yourself is the only way to lead to happiness.

    So, be yourself and lead the way.

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  • 題目:最難忘的事

    My good friend is also my highs chool class mate. She is kind and naïve, and also a very intimate friend of mine. She is my best audience whenever I need to talk to someone. We are like sisters in others' eyes.

    My husband influences me the most. I used to be a less enthusiastic person. Those who don’t know me used to keep their distances from me. Ever since I met my husband, he has been constantly reminding me how I should handle relationships in life, and the positive attitude that I ought to have. Thank God that he became the most important person in my life!

    That was the first time for me to experience a completely different lifestyle to that of Taiwan. Getting in touch with people from all over the world; I learnt how to open my heart, actively meet people, how to become one with the nature. This has been the most unforgettable and precious journey for me.


    影響我最深的人是我老公. 以前的我給人的感覺不容易親近,不熟識的人會很怕我, 但自從和我老公相識以來,他常常提醒我待人處世上應有的態度及如何收斂自己的脾氣,真的很謝謝老天,讓他成為我的生命中最重要的人.


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