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great expectations閱讀心得





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    Great Expectation is a great novel. Hope you can enjoy it!

    Here are some reviews I have found for your reference:

    1. "In perhaps Dickens's greatest novel, an orphan named Pip grows up in harsh conditions, does a good turn for an escaped convict (as much out of fear as charity), then finds himself steadily climbing the socioeconomic ladder -- enjoying "great expectations" -- with the help of an unknown benefactor. He is summoned by a weird old lady named Miss Havisham who has left all the clocks in her mansion stopped at the time of her wedding, and the wedding breakfast moldering on the table, after being jilted by the groom. Pip falls in love with Miss Havisham's ward, Estella, who teases and torments him with Miss Havisham's approval. Off to London to become a gentleman, Pip learns what a true gentleman is and who his real friends are."

    By David Loftus, Resident Scholar

    2. "The story "Great Expectations" is a story about a young boy named Pip whose life changes after meeting a convict in the marshes in Britain. He lives with his mean sister Mrs. Joe and her loving husband Joe. Joe's uncle Mr. Pumblechook and his sister take him to meet a rich woman named Miss Havisham whom wants Pip to play with her niece Estella. He falls in love with Estella, but her cold bitter aunt Miss Havisham has brainwashed her into hating men after her fiance left her at the altar. A man named Mister Jaggers a lawyer in London appears at his home and tells Pip that someone who would be known as his benefactor is going to pay for Pip to pursue his dream of becoming a gentleman. Thus, Pip pursues his great expectations of becoming a gentleman. "

    By Matt Pfouts, Resident Scholar

    Enjoy reading!

    參考資料: Grace TA & net search
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