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organizational commitment

affective commitment

continuance commitment

normative commitment




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    Organizational Commitment

    The psychological attachment of an employee to an organization. It can be measured by the following factors:

    1. Identification with the goals and values of the organization

    2. The desire to belong to the organization

    3. The willingness to display effort on behalf of the organization



    Affective Commitment

    The employee's positive emotional attachment to the organization. An employee who is affectively committed strongly identifies with the goals of the organization and desires to remain a part of the organization.

    Continuance Commitment

    The individual commits to the organization because he/she perceives high costs of losing organization membership, including economic costs (such as pension accruals) and social costs (friendship ties with co-workers) that could be incurred.

    Normative Commitment

    The individual commits to and remains with an organization because of feelings of obligation. These feelings may derive from many sources. For example, the organization may have invested resources in training an employee who then feels a 'moral' obligation to put forth effort on the job and stay with the organization to 'repay the debt'. It may also reflect an internalized norm, developed before the person joins the organization through family or other socialization processes, that one should be loyal to one's organization.



    根據Meyer and Allen﹐organization committment 有3種方式

    。affective commitment (情感性承諾) 員工在情感性上的依附、認同,因此投入留任於組織中

    。continuance commitment (持續性承諾) 員工對於離開組織成本的認知,而產生留在組織中的承諾

    。normative commitment (規範性承諾) 員工對組織忠誠的義務,也就是強調持續對雇主的忠誠,或經由組織獲得的利益,在員工心中建立產生報答組織的義務


    The Research on the Relationship Between Organization Embeddedness and Organization Behavior


    參考資料: Googleさん
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    organizational commitment-組織的允諾(承擔)

    affective commitment-感情的允諾(承擔)

    continuance commitment-持續的允諾(承擔)

    normative commitment-規範允諾(承擔)的

    這可能是在討論組織裡產生的現象,在組織裡有"感情" "持續性"的連結且需要組織的"規範" ,必須配合上下文解釋得較好