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All of the following are examples of a continuous flow operating system EXCEPT:

The Post Office B) Assembly plants C) McDonald’s D) Advertising agencies

When a restaurant manager gives the head waiter the authority to decide when to give a dissatisfied customer a free desert, what type of activity has occurred?

A) Empowerment B) Span of control C) Downsizing D) Centralization

A written statement that identifies the skills, traits, or abilies which are necessary for successful performance in a job is known as:

A)A job description B) a job analysis C) a job specification

D) a job resteiction

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    1. D) Advertising agencies

    Ad agency works on case basis projects.

    2. A) Empowerment

    Head waiter gains his authority.

    3. C) a job specification

    A job specification states qualifications of the job.

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