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超級急件10點~英文文法及文章修飾 勿隨意刪改 謝謝

英文文法及文章修飾 勿隨意刪改 謝謝


Jet Li was born in Beijing in1963, his mother was maintain family economy. So he decides to reduce burden with his mother, as well as Jet Li entered the Beijing movement school to study martial arts. When he was 11 years old, he won the first national martial arts competition champion. And his prize is to visit American president Nixon in capital Washing D.C.. President Nixon wanted Jet Li to be his entourage, but he is refuse. Because he says he wanted to protect more people. Between 1974 to 1979, Jet Lin go abroad to represented country to performance, such as Europe, Asia, U.S., Africa and Middle East. Continuously four years obtain the champion .Afterwards, he was hire for the national martial arts training. In the martial arts performance, the director is pay attention to his act. In 1982 Jet Li makes the movie ” Shaolin Temple ”, this movie is popular in China .”Huang Feihung “is the graceful and intelligent image cause him was know in Hong Kong. And “movie name”and”movie name”regardless of is the comedy or literary, his develops the movement piece generally to be fully competent. From supporting role to lead, Jet Li’s efforts obtains the affirmation Gradually in Hollywood.

Jet Li says 40 years old before puts the focal point on oneself, after 40 years old devote the public. His religious view is Promptly is “make yourself necessary to someone”. A several years ago, the tsunami influence his life let he approach to death. Therefore Jet Li decides to manage “One Fund” to help the cause natural disaster and receive psychology and wounded people.


李連杰出生在北京in1963, 他的母親維持家庭經濟。如此他決定減少母親負擔, 李上北京運動學校學習武術。當他11 歲, 他贏取了第一全國武術比賽冠軍。並且他的獎勵是去拜訪美國總統尼克森在華盛頓 。總統尼克森被要的李當他的保鏢, 但他是拒絕了。由於他說他想保護更多人民。在1974 年到1979 年之間, 李去海外代表的國家表演, 譬如歐洲、亞洲、美國、非洲和中東。

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之後連續四年獲得武術冠軍, 他被聘用為全國武術訓練。在武術表現, 導演貝他的武術吸引。在1982 個李拍了一部電影"少林寺", 這部電影是在中國非常賣座她演出了"黃飛鴻" 是優美的並且聰明的形象,於是他在香港打開了知名度。並且"電影"and""不論是喜劇或文藝都有絕佳的表現, 。

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他的努力逐漸獲得肯定在好萊塢。李認為40 歲前投入焦點在自己, 在40 歲以後年紀致力公眾。他的宗教觀是"及時行善" 。多幾年前, 海嘯影響他的生活讓他面對死亡。所以李決定創辦"壹資金" 幫助起因自然災害和心靈受傷的人民。

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    Jet Li was born in Beijing China in1963. His mother was supporting the family, so he decided to reduce the burden of his mother and entered the Beijing sport school to learn martial arts. When he was 11 years old, he won the champion of First National Martial Arts Competition. His prize was to visit the US president Nixon in Washing D.C.. President Nixon wanted Jet Li to be his bodyguard, but he refused because he said that he wanted to protect more people. From 1974 to 1979, Jet Li represented the country to perform martial arts in other countries, including countries in Europe, Asia, U.S., Africa and Middle East. After continuously winning four champions every year, he was hired as the national martial arts training (adviser). Movie directors were attracted by his martial arts performance. In 1982 Jet Li acted in the movie ”Shaolin Temple”, this movie was popular in China . "Huang Feihung" the role he played had graceful and intelligent image, which made him popular in Hong Kong. In movie "movie name”and”movie name", he was a competent actor whether the movies were comedy or literary. From a supporting role to a lead actor, Jet Li's efforts were affirmed Gradually in Hollywood.

    Jet Li believes that an individual should focus on one's self before 40 years, and devote to the public after 40 years old. His religious believe is "Promptly making yourself available to someone”. Several years ago, the tsunami influences his life and he was facing death. Therefore Jet Li decided to estiblish "One Fund" to help the psychologically hurt and wounded people caused by natural disaster.

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