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急~~英文作文 : proud moment



題目是proud moment 300字左右就可以了

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    proud moment

    (part one)

    To everyone, there will be at least a proud moment in their lives. And I believe that proud moments are to be achieved by hard work and a lot of efforts. Well, for me, at least it is.

    I still remember it was a hot day. The sun shined on top of my head and my heart was beating non-stop, perspiration was running down my spine and my head was spinning madly. But I knew all I could do was just to focus and work with my baseball team to get a gold medal and have that glorious moment by the end of the day.

    "Beep....!" signalled the judge. The game began. It was hard for us to win as the other team- our rival, was a strong team with great bonding between them. The first one who swings the bat was one of their team mates, and the forces that he used seemed to be just nice and perfect for the game. This caused my heart to beat faster and faster as I began to lose faith in myself and my team. Just then, my buddy gave me a pat and a smile to cheer me up. Well, it's cool that he always knows what i am thinking about.

    2008-03-19 12:31:15 補充:

    (part two)

    Time flies and without me knowing, it was my turn- the last player, to swing the bat. All the eyes were staring at me, just at that split second, i thought of all the trainings and all the trials that my team and I had been through for months and months, just to win this crucial game.

    2008-03-19 12:32:19 補充:

    (part three)

    Thinking of that, all the fury turned into strength and convert into power that let me bat the ball out with all my capability.

    2008-03-19 12:32:55 補充:

    (part four)

    "Nice bat!" screamed the reporter. But before I could enjoy the compliment, i had to run as fast as possible to score a run. Luckily, the other team isn't alert enough, so I manage to do a genuine home run, and of course, I saved my team from losing!

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