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1. The Sun is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium.( true or false)

2. The formation of helium from hydrgen is what generates light and heat from the earth.( true or false)

3. One complete trip of an object in its orbit around the sun takes one year. For Earth one year is 370 days.( true or false)

4. Gravity and inertia keep Earth from fling off into space.( true or false)

5. Gravity depends on two measurements, mass and distance. ( true or false)

6. Inertia us the tendency of a moving object to keep moving in a straight

line.( true or false)

7. Without gravity, Earth still can move aroung the Sun.( true or false)

8. Earth's shape and tilt cause colder winter and warmer summer. ( true or false)

9. The Sun is continually interacting with the lithosphere and hydrosphere. ( true or false)

10. The lithosphere is Earth's water.( true or false)

11. Evaporation is partof the water cycle. The Sun's energy is the driving force of this cycle. ( true or false)

12. The Sun's heatind of Earth only creats a water cycle, nothing more. ( true or false)

13. The greatest agent of erosion on Earth is water. ( true or false)


1. What keeps the planet in orbit?

2. How does the Moon affect Earth?

3. What does temperrature do to rocks?

4. How can wind and ice erode rock?

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  • Peta
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    1. T

    2. T

    3. F

    4. F

    5. T

    6. T

    7. F

    8. T

    *9. T

    *10. F

    11. T

    12. F

    13. T

    Short answer

    1. Gravity and inertia

    2. The ocean trend

    *3. The rock may melt under very high temperature, and when concretion the color of rock varies.

    4. The hard particles in air are carried by wind and when crashing into rocks, erosion is caused. Ice erosion is caused by movement of ice, typically as glaciers; it may cut the mountains.

    *: I'm not sure

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