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My family member has the daddy, mother, elder brother, the youngersister also has me. The daddy rises not not high not short but alittle fat, mother rises not the high not short key point is she hasthe beautiful stature, older brother he the long very high degree ofstoutness thin is not loves wife vice- me and the younger sister, theyounger sister long lovably has very many people to love her verymuch, she long also high thin, ordinary also has Man Tojen as for mystature all to say I am long with the younger sister resemble very much.

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  • Elisa
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    ** I will try to keep you content intact. If I misunderstood what you meant, please provide more information. This is my suggestions on the changes. Hope this helps!


    My family consists of my daddy, my mother, my elder brother, my younger sister and me. My daddy is not high, not short, but a little fat. My mother is not high, not short, but has a beautiful stature. My elder brother is extremely thin, not as lovely as me and my younger sister. My younger sister is tall, lovable, ordinary, but approachable. As for my stature, overall, I am tall and resemble my younger sister.

    ** stout: adjective, means: bulky in figure; heavily built. “stoutness thin” is incorrect. “stoutness” is a noun. You don’t use a noun to describe a adjective “thin”. In addition, you cannot combine bulky and thin at the same time to describe a person’s figure. I am assuming that you wanted to say your brother is very thin.

    Lovable (adjective): Having characteristics that attract love or affection.

    Lovably is adverb. You need to use an adjective to describe a person.

    It is redundant to state that many people love her very much because lovable means that already.

    I don’t understand what you meant by: Man Tojen. I replaced it with “approachable”

    Approachable: (of a person) easy to meet, know, talk with, etc

    The last sentence flows better if rewritten like this:

    As for me, I am tall and resemble my younger sister.

    參考資料: Mself. Studied English abroad at the age of 11. Tutored English as an Undergrad. A project manager in the US since 1992.
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  • 1 0 年前

    youngersister、alittle、hasthe、ofstoutness、theyounger、mystature、verymuch、Tojen 。

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