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是4個人的對話 整場以英文對話 



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    A: Look! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made the cover of the Star magazine again.

    B: (Scoff) Yeah, the most pretentious couple of the world.

    C: I like them. I think they deserve each other.

    A: I agree with you. They make a perfect combination.

    B: (head shaking) Unbelievable! You people! They committed adultery!

    C: How did you know that for sure? We got information from reporters who tell a whole story based on one picture.

    B:Isn’t it obvious? Come on, everybody knows that…(interrupted)

    D: (interrupting) Excuse me, can I say something?

    B: Can’t you be polite and let me finish?

    A: No, B, let D talk.

    D: (to A) Thanks. I am not a big fan of them either.

    B: (Stressed tone)Thank you.

    C: (Toward D)Why? Is is because of the same reason that B just mentioned?

    D: No, she’s just not my type. But there’s one thing that I truly admire about her.

    A: Which is…?

    D: She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation Refugee Agency.

    C: That’s right. She’s also very aware of worldwide humanitarian crises.

    A: Not too many stars actually visited different refugee camps, and consistently put effort to improve the situation.

    B: Really? What kind of effort are you talking about?

    D: She donated a huge amount of money, at least $1 million to Afghan refugees, as far as I know.

    B: Wow, that’s A LOT of money.

    C: I also think is rare for superstars like her to travel to the poor areas constantly.

    A: She’s very devoted to field missions.

    D: She even gave birth to her own daughter in Namibia. Namibia! Do you even know where that country is?

    B: (shaking head) I have never heard of that country before. Well, you guys really changed my impressions of her. Now I don’t look at her only as a sinner anymore. People who have the money, fame, and power to make differences should look after her and make the world a better place for everyone.

    參考資料: me in the States
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