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English poem that reminds.....

Recently,I get a part-time-job and I don't have enough to finish the homework that my teacher assigns.(I have a terrible time management= =)

If able can anyone help me find

1)a poem you found that reminds you of spring

2)a poem you found that reminds you of yourself and how you feel

3)a poem you found that made you stop and think

-include author name, poem title, and poem itself

I will write the explanation of how the poems remind me of spring, myself

,and make me stop.

thx a lot

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    Concider yourself lucky xD i WANT a part time job but am not able to fine one =[ sigh!

    these....i'm not sure if you'll find them lame~ lOl but hey~ thaz what you get for google-ing it lOllll

    -Spring Wish-

    By John Farrar

    A frog’s a very happy thing,

    Cool and green in early spring,

    Quick and silver through the pool,

    With no thought of books or school.

    Oh, I want to be a frog,

    Sunning, stretching on a log,

    Blinking there in splendid ease,

    Swimming naked when I please,

    Nosing into magic nooks,

    Quiet marshes, noisy brooks.

    Free! And fit for anything!

    Oh, to be a frog in spring!

    <<<should be easy to write about~ fairly stright forward~

    um~~ as for the second one...I don't know you so i have no idea how your feelings are @@....lOl better off finding one that rly fits you >__< and easier too~ dun you think.


    by Douglas Florian

    What do you like about spring?

    Longer days?

    Blooming flowers?

    April Fools’?

    Cool spring showers?

    What do you not like about spring?


    Insect swarms?

    Mud, mud, mud?


    lOl as for this poem it not only made you stop and think ....cuz of all these questoion~~ but it's also about spring~~lOlll


    heres a website full of poems~ good luck on finishing your HW =]

    參考資料: http://www.mamalisa.com/blog/?cat=41 theres a thing call...google it lOl