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不需要例句只需要片語和解釋 明天就要考試了



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    no matter 不論、不管

    inside out-upside down翻轉、倒置

    to come to one's aid  來援助某人

    to take up 攻讀、研究

    to make after 與…相像

    in the long run 終久、畢竟

    to run out of  耗盡

    can not but 不得不、禁不住

    to take advantage of 利用、欣騙

    out of


    to run over  輾過、壓過

    to get along with 與…相處很好

    to go off 爆炸

    to let go of 釋放

    to keep in mind-to bear in mind記住、記在心裡

    take pride in 以…為榮

    rain to shine 不論晴雨

    hard of hearing 重聽、耳聾

    to keep an eye onf 注視、注意


    to shut off 關掉

    to shut up 住口

    to blow out 爆裂

    to keep up with 趕上

    to turn down 減低速度、拒絕

    to break in 調整、插嘴、闖入

    to have got to do something 必須

    on the alert 注意

    above all 最重要的


    to do without免除

    to try out 試驗、試用

    to be bound for somewhere  前往某地

    to watch out for 警戒、防備

    to be bound to 必定、必然

    to take someone for 誤認、錯認

    to grow out of 消除

    to make the best of 盡量利用


    take leave of 離開

    all the same仍然

    day in , day out-day after day 每天

    in the past 在過去,向來

    in vain 無效

    to put up with 容忍、忍受

    to be in the way 妨礙

    to show off 買弄、炫耀

    to go around 夠用

    to put up 蓋、建造

    in favor of 支持、有利於…


    pass away 去世

    to run away 不告而別

    to bring up 撫養

    grow up 長大

    to tell apart -to tell one from the other 辨別

    to run errands 出差

    to fool around 嬉戲

    to hold up 持槍搶劫

    to set fire to -to set on fire 放火

    to know by sight 曾經見過

    to get lost 迷路

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