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    F-18 is a kind of carrier-borne fighter plane, A-18 is a kind of carrier-borne attack plane. Because the two were developed on foundations of the same prototype machine, namely a machine two type, the organism is totally the same, just different to some extent on the weaponry, so referred to as F/ A-1B, the nickname calls " the hornet " equally too.

    The proper American air force proposed " light-duty fighter plane " plan in 1974, and while beginning the prototype developing machine, USN has put forward the request of developing multiuse fighter plane too. Called it VFAX plan at that time, renamed as navy's air battle fighter plane plan later.

    Promise general one 17 YF of company Luo fail among the competition in one 16 of YF's prototypes machine then 1974, promise general work Luo do in vain then fortunately, their YF-17 was chosen by the navy in 1975, this was the prototype machine of F/ A-18

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