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How to make a hamburger?


First , buy the ingredients . Second , put the bread at the bottom . Third , put some vegetables and fruit in the middle . Finally , put another bread on the top and enjoy it .





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    First need to prepare the ingredients, such as beef pasty, cheese, tomato, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, butter, and burger bun.

    here are the steps.

    Cut burger bun from the middle into two parts. (麵包切)

    Grill beef pasty to well done and prepare for the layering. (煎肉餅)

    Place the bottom part with layers of lettuce, tomato slice, beef pasty, pickle, onion rings, and cheese. (疊疊樂)

    Spread some tomato sauce or mayonnaise on top of the layers. (加醬)

    Place the upper part of the bun to complete. (蓋頂完全)

    Main ingredients: Burger Bun, beef pasty

    Optional ingredients: lettuce, cheese, tomato slices, fresh onion ring, pickle

    Sauce: tomato sauce or mayonnaise


    Cut burger bun horizontally into 2 parts and spreed butter if favored.

    Place grilled beef pasty and optional ingredients as layers on bottom bun.

    Put the sauce on top of the layers and top it with the topper bun



    burger bun 就是漢堡麵包囉

    beef pasty 就是牛肉漢堡的肉餅

    也可改用 Chicken breast 雞胸肉片 如果要作雞肉漢堡

    參考資料: 自己自己
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    First of all, pick some materials, like vegetables and hams. Then put them in the bread with sauce, and enjoy it.

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