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    Why will our country adopt the nuclear energy and generate electricity?

    Taiwan produces the energy by oneself scarcely, more than 97% of the energy is dependent on importing, in order to guarantee country's security, must disperse the energy kind and disperse import areas; Under at this pieces of principle,last water conservancy, fire coal, fuel, gas, nuclear energy, wind-force, geothermol power, not fire rubbish of our country,etc. generate electricity by way. As regards cost of electricity-generating, water conservancy, fire coal, nuclear energy are more economic energy, the electric company of Taiwan offers the sufficient and economic electricity, the competitiveness to the industry of our country is very benefitted. Area where a lot of countries with advanced science and technology and natural energy lack, much to develop the nuclear energy and generate electricity actively, in order to replace such natural resources as gradually exhausted coal, petroleum,etc..

    2008-04-06 16:22:59 補充:

    How about the impact on environment that nuclear energy generate electricity?

    2008-04-06 16:23:30 補充:

    Nuclear energy power plant quite clean power plant, is it examine to detect through environment for one year, the same as background value radiation dosage near the power plant, that is to say that has not influenced people, air, hydrology, soil.

    2008-04-06 16:27:17 補充:

    The nuclear waste material of low steps is problems that can be dealt with the science and technology, through day of some years, its radiation will decay, does not influence mankind and his living environment at all.

    2008-04-06 16:27:52 補充:

    Everybody just like rubbish in near being own, repel very much it. By can be recycled to cross the nuclear fuel after dealing withing.

    2008-04-06 16:28:14 補充:

    Advantage of the nuclear energy:

    First: The polluter that the nuclear energy generates electricity and does not discharge huge quantity like the thing that the fossil fuel generates electricity gets to the atmosphere, so the nuclear energy generates electricity will not cause the air pollution.

    2008-04-06 16:28:38 補充:

    Second: The nuclear energy will not produce the carbon dioxide which aggravate the greenhouse effects of the earth while generating electricity.

    Third: The uranium fuel that the nuclear energy generates electricity and uses, except generating electricity, there are no other uses.

    2008-04-06 16:30:25 補充:

    Fourth: Nuclear fuel energy density fuel high to have several million compared with fossil, so nuclear energy fuel power plant use small, it is all

    2008-04-06 16:31:44 補充:

    very convenient to transport and store, a nuclear energy power plant of 1 billion watts only takes 30 metric tons of uranium fuel in one year, the plane of a voyage can be finished transporting.

    2008-04-06 16:32:16 補充:

    The fifth: In the cost that the nuclear energy generates electricity, the proportion that the fuel expenses account for is relatively low, the cost that the nuclear energy generates electricity is more difficult to be influenced by

    2008-04-06 16:32:33 補充:

    the international economic situation, so the cost of electricity-generating is more steady than other power generating method.

    2008-04-06 16:32:50 補充:

    The sixth: The nuclear energy can be applied to such uses as military, medical treatment, energy,etc..

    2008-04-06 16:33:02 補充:

    The seventh: The nuclear waste material is one of the raw materials which are made nuclear weapons.

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