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1.of metrics and moonbeams

2.five keys to evaluating the performance of knowledge workers

3.whom you ask is just as important as what you ask

4.tailor the metric to the specific job

5.know tour corporate culture

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    "Of Metrics and Moonbeams: Five Keys to Evaluating the Performance of Knowledge Workers"



    Sound advice: what you ask is just as important as whom you ask

    Golf wouldn't be much fun if you couldn't talk to your playing partner or opponent during a round. But you have to be careful what you ask or say.

    Rule 8 in the Rules of Golf says, "during a stipulated round, a player must not give advice to anyone in the competition playing on the course other than his partner, or ask for advice from anyone other than his partner or either of their caddies." In other words, don't give or solicit information that may aid you or another person in playing a hole, choosing a club or making a stroke.

    You can look to see if your opponent used a 7-iron for that par-3 shot, but don't ask. If you do, it's a two-stroke penalty (stroke play) or loss of hole (match play). Don't ask how firm the sand is or how fast the greens are, either.

    You also can't ask for or receive an on-course playing lesson. Don't tell a player he's swinging too hard, and don't ask him to check your grip.

    So what type of exchange is allowed? Before you reach the green, you're allowed to ask or receive information from anyone on what direction to hit your next shot. If you show someone where to hit the ball, you have to move away from that line of play before the stroke is made. On the green, the only people who may show you the line of a putt or tell you how to read the green are your partner, your caddie or his caddie.

    You may also ask questions about the design of the hole. It's OK to ask if there's a water hazard behind the bunker or a false front to the green. Just don't ask if the hole plays a club shorter than its yardage. Remember, factual information available to all players through any public source isn't considered advice.

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