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主題是講 10 ways to make better decisions


10.Have someone else choose

We tend to believe we’ll be happier making our own decisions. Yet, no matter the outcome, the process of making a decision can sometimes leave us feeling dissatisfied. Then, it may be better to relinquish control.

Last year, Simona Botti at Cornell University and Ann McGill from the University of Chicago published a series of experiments that explore this idea. In one test, subjects had to choose between several items without any information to guide them. When asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with the outcome and how they felt about the decision, they were all less satisfied than people who had simply been assigned an option.

They reason, say the researchers, is that the choosers couldn’t give themselves credit even if they ended up with a good option, yet still felt burdened by the thought that they might not have chosen the best alternative. Even when choosers had a little information –though not enough to feel responsible for the outcome they felt no happier choosing than being chosen for.

Botti and McGill believe these findings have broad implications for an decision that’s either or trivial or distasteful. For instance, try letting someone else choose the wine during dinner. “There’s a fixation with choice, a belief that it brings happiness,” She says. “Sometimes it doesn’t.”

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    According to this paragraph,sometimes the best choice is made by others.

    People who are involved with the particular question,situation,...whatever,may be suffering or confusing by think that their "best choice" is not the best one.

    Maybe that's why the old Chinese saying goes:It's clearer to observe from the sidelines.

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