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這篇文章的翻譯 中翻英

她比任何一位部會首長都接近青少年,談起對這一代青少年的看法,「二十歲左右的年輕人,是台灣歷史上相對自由的一代,是最民主的一代,也具有開放性、自主性、創意、國際能力也強,」她說,「他們是爆發力最強的一代。」 走訪世界各國,她把視野拉到國際,並指出台灣青少年特有的優點與缺點:

這一代年輕人的發展會決定台灣未來的面貌。發展得好,台灣在全球化就沒問題。各國在全球化致勝的國家,靠的就是人的能力。 有四個重要面向等待這一代:經濟上,這一代要能讓各種產業都高質化。過去是透過勞力在生產,這一代是基於能力與智慧領導。台灣人均所得能不能跨越兩萬與三萬美元的關鍵在這。

社會公平上,因為全球化帶來贏者圈效應,貧富差距加大,有些年輕人會處於弱勢。這裡面最重要的是教育的公平與品質,要確保這一代更多人進贏者圈,幫助弱勢。 第三,民主政治的運作。民主取決於公民的素養,如果這一代對民主失望,而放棄社會、沒有發展出社群精神與成熟的公民性格,這個社會的民主不會更成熟。 第四,文化生活。以前製造導向的經濟充滿很多人文與生活品質。但這代年輕人重視生活品質,但他們必須創造真正的文化生活,成為創意經濟的原動力。


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    She all approaches a teenager than any Cabinet ministers and starts to talk about to the viewpoint of this generation teenager, "the about 20 years old young man is a Taiwanese history ascend opposite freedom of the generation is the most democratic generation, also have to open sex, independence, creativity, international ability also strong, " she says, "they are to break out the strongest generation in power." goes and sees an international community and she pulls the visual field to nations, and points out the special advantage of Taiwanese teenager and weakness:

    The development of this generation young man will decide a future Taiwanese feature.Develop well, Taiwan is all right in the globalization.All countries are in the globalization with the result that win of nation, what to depend on is the person's ability. There are four importance facing to wait for this generation:On the economy, this generation has to let various industries all Gao Zhi2 Hua4.Passing by is producing through the physical labor and this generation leads according to the ability and the intelligence.The Taiwanese all gains can cross over 20,000 and USD 30,000 of the key is here.

    2008-04-06 13:17:56 補充:

    On the social equity, because the globalization wins the turn effect at bringing, the gap between rich and poor enlargement, the some young men will be placed in a minority.

    2008-04-06 13:18:30 補充:

    Face educational equity and quality here are most important, ensure this generation more people enter to win turn, help a minority. The third, the operation of democracy.

    2008-04-06 13:18:45 補充:

    The democracy depends on the cultivated manners of citizen, if this generation is disappointed to the democracy, and gives up society, don't develop the citizen personality of the clubs spirit and mature, this social democracy wasn't more mature.

    2008-04-06 13:18:50 補充:

    The fourth, culture is living.The manufacturing leads to before of the economy is full of much humanities and quality of life.But this quality of life of the young man value, but they have to create a real culture life and become the motive force of creativity economy.

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