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阿瑀 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 0 年前

英語構詞 Blocking


請問英語構詞中Blocking的定義是 ...


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  • Peter
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    v (past blocked, past participle blocked,present participle blocking, 3rd person presentsingular blocks)

    1. vt obstruct: to prevent or hinder movement through, into, or out ofsomething

    The drains are blocked with leaves.

    He stood in front of me, blocking my way.

    2. vt hinder somebody’s or something’s movement or progress: to preventsomething from moving or developing

    Her promotion was blocked by the senior vice-president

    3. vt obstruct sight of something: to obstruct somebody’s line of sight

    4. vti sports obstruct player or ball: to prevent a ball or anotherplayer from moving forward

    5. vti football obstruct player: to prevent a defensive player frominterfering with movement toward the goal

    6. vti medicine prevent normal functioning: to prevent the normalfunctioning of a physiological process

    a blocked tear duct

    7. vti fail to remember: to fail to remember something or to have apsychological block

    block a memory

    8. vt make into block: to shape something into a block

    9. vt support with block: to support or strengthen something using ablock

    10. vt shape on block: to mold something with or on a block

    11. vt printing stamp using block: to stamp a surface with a title orusing an engraved block

    12. vti theater rehearse basic movements for scene: to plan and rehearsethe basic movements and positions for the actors in a scene

    13. vt military blockade: to blockade a place (archaic)

    [14th century. Via Old French bloc from Middle Dutch blok “tree trunk.”]

    block and level to level a portable structure by placing blocks of variousheights under its corners

    on the block for sale at an auction



    1. 阻塞;阻礙

    2. (總稱)大塊;木塊

    3. 【戲】舞臺調度


    Excuse me, you are blocking my way.

    借過一下好嗎? 您擋到我了



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