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英文題目:How to keep healthy.

英文題目:How to keep healthy.




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    Keep healty is very important for all of us in our lives. There are

    two ways that explains how we can keep our healty bodies.

    The first one is we need to do exericise which can help prevent heart disease,

    high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and,

    possibly, colon cancer, stroke and back injury. We should choose

    exercises suitable for our ages. There are some good examples for

    exericise which are aerobic dancing,swimming,cycling, and jogging.

    The second one is eat right. For example, Heart disease, some

    cancers, stroke, diabetes and damage to your arteries can be linked to what you

    eat. Fiber, fruits and vegetables can help reduce your risk

    of some cancers. Calcium helps build strong bones.

    In conclusion, we should have healthy lifestyle which

    means practising good, healthy habits and giving up harmful ones. Therefore,

    healthy eating and Regular exercise are very important for

    us to keep doing everyday.

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    How to keep health is very important to everyone. The majority of people believe that we should not only eat more fruit and vegetables, but to do moderate exercise are the ways of keeping our health.

    Some studies showed to have enough sleep and relieve pressure are good for our health ,too.

    If we want to keep our body in a good shape, naturally we shouldn't smoke,drink and keep away from the drugs. Trying to develop some good habits is also a good idea.

    I think the most important thing we need to do is making a regular to the doctor's to check up our body so that we can know our healthy condiction well.

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    our bodies

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    our healthy conditions


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    In the modern world, human beings are more and more emphasised on keeping their health to have a longer life span. To have a healthy body it could be separated into physical and psychological parts. According to the research, the most important thing to keep mental health is to have a positive, active, and enthusiastic attitude. The best way is to laugh or within smile on the face everyday. On the other hand, the basic requirement to have a good physical condition is doing exercise. In summary, to keep healthy is to maintain both psychical and physiological aspects in a well condition.

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    How to keep healthy

    How to keep healthy ? First , you have to change what you eat , like :eat more vegetables ,fruit and some meat.Does not select food.

    Second,you have to do more exercises.Each week movement 3, each

    time above movement 30 minutes, palpitation130.Third,you have to get to bed early and wake up early.Fourth,maintains the happy mood.

    Fifth,do not smoke and drinks.Sixth,early morning gets out of bed

    first drinks a big cup of water unimpeded body interior clean.

    Seventh,looks at some green plants.If you above achieved the

    standard, you can be very healthy.






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    題目是:How to keep health 或How to retain the health


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