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Matsuri Festival是什麼?


Matsuri Festival Float in Streets of Yokohama


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    Kyoto Gion Matsuri Festival is one of the three most popular local festivals in Japan.京都祇園一年一度的藝術節是其中的三個最熱門的地方慶典,在日本。 The other two grand festivals are the Kanda Matsuri in Tokyo and Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka.其他兩個大節日,是神節,在東京和天神節在大阪舉行。 This 1100-year-old festival centered on Yasaka Shrine, originated in the 9th c in Kyoto, which was then the capital city of Japan.這1100年歷史的藝術節圍繞著八坂神社,起源於第九屆C在京都,而當時的首都日本。 Legend has it that a terrible plague wrecked havoc on the city.傳說,它認為一個可怕的瘟疫肆虐,破壞了該城。 One of the priests of Yasaka shrine who are also known as Gion wanted to appease the Shnto gods.其中一個祭司的八坂神社的人也被稱為祇園想要安撫shnto神。

    Features of Kyoto Gion Matsuri Festival in Japan 特點京都祇園一年一度的藝術節在日本

    - Kyoto Gion Matsuri Festival is observed annually from July 1 to 29 as the midsummer celebration of Yasaka Shrine. -京都祇園一年一度的藝術節是每年的,從7月1日至2 9日為慶祝仲夏的八坂神社。

    - Various events and religious services are held from July 1 to 31 with the main attraction of this celebration taking place from 9 am to 1 pm on the 17th of July.

    The impressive procession features a huge 6mt. -令人印象深刻的遊行具有巨大。

    high float accompanied by musicians and people dressed in traditional costumes of geishas and samurais.


    - The Yamahoko Junko is the parade of the floats around the town and Naginata-hoko leads the parade on the 17th. -y amahoko淳子是巡遊的花車在城裡。

    - The large floats are called Hoko and Yama and these are decorated with beautiful tapestries and legendary figures. -大型彩車被稱為日H OKO和閻王和這些裝飾著美麗的掛毯和民間故事人物。

    - There are 23 Yama and 8 Hoko in the parade. -有2 3個閻王和8日H OKO在巡遊隊伍。

    - Preparations start weeks before the festival with making the floats. -準備,開始幾個星期前,藝術節演出,使彩車。

    - Turning the float requires a lot of strength, skill and help of wood strips. -把浮法需要投入大量的力量,技巧和幫助木條狀。

    - The Hoko is very heavy and has big wooden wheels and takes lots of energy to pull it. -日H OKO是非常沉重,並已大木車輪,並採取了很多精力去拉它。

    Season of Kyoto Gion Matsuri Festival in Japan 季節京都祇園一年一度的藝術節在日本

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    Matsuri Festival Float in Streets of Yokohama


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