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My name is alex, I come from Taiwan. From now on , I am in Australia with my working holiday visa. I am serious for my individual character and character optimism, aggressive, work earnest and be responsible for. I hope can to going new company work in corporate team.

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    你好, 很巧, 我也叫Alex, Let me see your resume.


    1. I am serious for my... , be serious+about/in , serious後面要加

    about 或 in , 解釋為"我對我的人格/個性事認真的"

    character不需要兩次, 第二個可以刪掉

    2. work earnest => 動詞work後應加副詞,

    work earnestly: (熱誠地)誠摯地工作

    3. be responsible for(負責) :不可單獨這樣使用

    要說: I am responsible for my job. 我對我的工作負責

    或者: I am a responsible person. 我是個負責任的人

    後面可加: So I always finish my work, before resting.


    4. I hope can to going new company work in corporate team.

    這句恕我直言, 毫無文法喔! 更正如下:

    I hope that I can work in a new company with my team members.

    I love team work. I will get along with my partners.

    翻譯如下: 我希望我能在一家新公司工作, 跟我的團隊一起

    工作. 我喜愛團隊工作. 我能跟我的工作夥伴和睦相處.

    5. 可附帶提及你有哪些工作經驗:

    My job experiences are...., 我的工作經驗有....

    或是: I have ever worked in ....., 我曾經在哪裏工作過....

    6. 學歷的部份: 例如: I graduated from Taiwan University.

    我畢業於台灣大學, My major is XXX. 我主修XXX

    就是讀什麼科系, 例如電機, 機械, 工管, 化工....等等

    7. 回到第二句: I come from Taiwan. 我來自台灣

    可再加地名, 如: I come from Taiwan Taipei. 我來自台灣台北

    你是在澳洲遊學吧? 我表妹現在也在那喔! 希望這對你有幫助

    參考資料: me
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    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Alex and I am from Taiwan. At this time, I am in Australia with my working holiday visa.

    For my personality, I am quite serious and also an optimestic person, not to mention I am aggrtessive, working honestly and also responsible.

    I hope I can obtain a responsible job in your company and to be part of your working force.

    Thank you for your time for reviewing my resume.

    Sincerely yours,

    *** <-- your name

    參考資料: ~Self~
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