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1. 輕質花崗系塗材系由耐候壓克力樹脂結合骨材, 添加劑組合而成之特殊多彩塗料, 對建築物外觀具有高度變化的設計特性

2. 水性多彩主材, 突破油水性組合多彩塗料之侷限。單一可包含10種以上不同顏色之組合, 且可產製出大色塊面觀之各式花崗岩燒面質感。

3. 具耐酸, 耐鹼及耐鹽水性, 無懼酸雨侵蝕, 也是海邊建築之優良裝飾塗料材料。

4. 高度延展及奈屈曲特性, 意為極佳之防水裝飾面材.

5. 優質之樹脂基材, 使複層塗膜擁有高強度, 高耐磨耗。耐刷洗性, 同時又兼具高延展特性.

6. 高度自潔特性, 使塗裝面常保如新, 且長抗污染及耐刷洗特性, 即使受污染自可以水性清潔劑輕易清除之.

7. 抗紫外線照射, 不剝離, 黏著力超強.

8. 耐磨耗及耐沸水特性, 可當家具使用.

9. 超強耐候特性, 使用年限達10年以上, 屬長效型牆塗裝建材.

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    1.The light quality flower hillock is spreads the material is by bears

    the period of five days to press the gram force resin union bone

    material, the chemical additive combination becomes the special multi-

    colors coating, has the high change to the building outward appearance

    the design characteristic

    2.River character multi- colors 主材, limitation breakthrough

    perquisite combination multi- colors coating. Sole may contain

    combinations 10 kind of above different colors, also may produce

    generates big color block surface view various types granite 燒面

    sense of reality.

    3.Has acidproof, bears the alkali and bears the salt water, not fears

    the acid rain to corrode, also is the seashore construction the fine

    decoration coating material.

    4.Highly delays and 奈 the flexure characteristic, Italy for the

    extremely good waterproof decoration face bar

    5.The high quality tree fatty group material, causes the multiple coat

    to spread the membrane to have high strength, high bears the abrasion.

    Bears cleaning, simultaneously concurrently high delays the characteristic

    6.Highly from the clean characteristic, causes to spread surface Chang

    Paoju to be new, also the long anti- pollution and bears the cleaning

    characteristic, even if is polluted from may the river character

    cleanser easily elimination

    7.The anti- ultraviolet ray illumination, does not strip, the adhesion

    ultra is strong

    8.bears the abrasion and bears the boiling water characteristic, but

    when furniture use

    9.Ultra strongly bears the period of five days characteristic, the

    service life amounts to above for 10 years, is the persistent effect

    wall painting building materials

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