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麻煩翻譯一下He looked so comical on

He looked so comical on his back, and holding his paws peculiarly, that the child was greatly amused and gave him little taps repeatedly, to keep him so. But the little dark-brown dog took this chastisement in the most serious way, and no doubt considered that he had committed some grave crime, for he wriggled contritely and showed his repentance in every way that was in his power. He pleaded with the child and petitioned him, and offered more prayers.

At last the child grew weary of this amusement and turned toward home. The dog was praying at the time. He lay on his back and turned his eyes upon the retreating form.

Presently he struggled to his feet and started after the child. The latter wandered in a perfunctory way toward his home, stopping at times to investigate various matters. During one of these pauses he discovered the little dark-brown dog who was following him with the air of a footpad.

The child beat his pursuer with a small stick he had found. The dog lay down and prayed until the child had finished, and resumed his journey. Then he scrambled erect and took up the pursuit again.

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    他奇怪地看很可笑在他的, 和藏品他的爪子, 孩子發笑了和很大地給了他一再少許輕拍, 保留他如此。但小的布朗狗採取了這次懲罰用最嚴肅的方式, 並且疑義沒有考慮他犯了某一嚴重罪, 為了他悔悟蠕動了和顯示了他的悔悟用是在他的力量的每個方式。他懇求了與孩子和訴請了他, 和提供了更多禱告。


    他奮鬥了對他的腳和目前開始了在孩子以後。後者漫步用一個敷衍塞責的方式往他家庭, 時常停下來調查各種各樣的事態。在這些的當中一個期間停留他發現了跟隨他與攔路賊的空氣的小的布朗狗。

    兒童敲打他的追求者用他發現了的一根小棍子。狗放下和祈禱了直到孩子完成了, 並且恢復他的旅途。然後他擾亂了筆直和再佔去了追求。

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