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Billy Fang 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

A math question 解答贈點: 5

Please go on the web site to download the question.







And I need the steps of how you did it.



In this question you should 小畫家 to help you.


After when you are done please use Badongo to upload

Here is the upload website:

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I can't not see the picture from 回答者: Sulky bbJ

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and ya, I an a science teacher. I just want to make a question for the student

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so what would each thing represent?

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I can only see a big X for your picture

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  • KH.
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    1 0 年前

    The answer is here.... Check it out... I will upload it soon.


    2008-04-18 08:03:27 補充:

    How I did it:

    (1) I assume "-" represents one, "=" represents two, etc.

    In the first equation, 2 + 4 = 6. Now we know how 6 looks like.

    I assume "|" represents 5, and "-" is the extra one

    2008-04-18 08:03:38 補充:

    (2) in equation#2: 9 + 3 = 12. Now we know how 12 looks like.

    From this patten, we can induce how 11 - 15 look like.

    (3) In 3rd equation. 4*4 = 16. Now we know how 16 looks like.

    From the pattern, we know it's "L" + "-"... That means "L" is 15.

    2008-04-18 08:04:10 補充:

    (4) 4th Equation 9*2 = 18 confirms our previous assumption.

    (5) From this pattern, we can conclude how 20 will look like.

    Are you getting a Crayon set?!! Good luck!!

    2008-04-18 11:55:25 補充:

    It's ok if you can't see it. I have uploaded to the location you specified.

    You can go to my blog to view the picture, too --->!ZScVLqaaBRZXArmGiWNs...

    2008-04-18 11:58:42 補充:

    Please let me know if you can view the picture in my front page of my blog.

    2008-04-18 12:14:30 補充:

    OK. Go here to down load my file:

    參考資料: me, me
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