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1.If you want to buy a used car, check the 填充 in the newspaper.

2.Dave likes loud banging noises, so I think he would like the 填充 .

3.I get nervous when I am 填充 in front of many people.

4.Jane was not getting enough 填充 speaking English, so she hired a tutor.

5.Your artwork is very 填充 , I have never seen anything like it.

6.I drank way too much soda! I really need to find a 填充 .

7.There are two填充 one at the front and the other at the back of the building.

8.The 填充 new movies is so cool. I want to get one for my room.

9.We had a(n) 填充 time at the concert. The music was great!

10. 填充 of art, Gary is an expert.He is been collecting art for years.

11.Some of our guests do not eat meat. Why do not we go to a 填充 restaurant instead?

12.If you do not want to be stuck in traffic,填充 diving during rush hour.

13.My neighbor is so 填充 ! She always smiles at everyone.

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    1. adveristment 廣告

    2. drums 鼓 / Rock's 搖滾

    3. stand / talk

    4. chances 機會

    5. good

    6. toilet

    7. figures 畫像,塑像

    8. poster of 海報, 要加 of 因為是兩個名詞之間

    9. great

    10. Collection

    11. vegetarian 素食者

    12. never 永不

    13. nice / kind

    因為沒有提示, 所以不知道對不對啊!

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