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請幫忙翻譯這段期刊原文 感謝~

The active components of OFS were fructosylnystose, nystose, andl-kestose, of which the degree of polymerization was as follows(g/kg):casein, 200.0; cornstarch, 529.5; sucrose, 100.0; soybean oil, 70.0; AIN-93G mineral mix, 35;AIN-93G vitamin mix, 1.0; L-cystine 3.0;choline bitartrate, 2.5;BHT, 0.014; and nondigestible carbohydrates, 50(on the dry weight basis of active components).Mice were housed individually in metabolic cages during days 18-20 in order to collect feces without the interference of coprophagy and wood bedding. Feces voided were collected immediately into ice-bathed tubes in order to prevent the loss of SCFA and the deterioration of fecal fat. The feces collected during the 3-d were mixed together to be a 3-d fecal composite and stored at -20C until analysis .On day 21, each mouse was decapitated after light anesthesia from 0900 to 1200 after an overnight fast. Bloods were collected into heparinized tubes. The liver and colon were immediately removed, cleaned with saline, blotted dry and then weighed, The livers were frozen using liquid nitrogen and stored in -20C until analysis.



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    生物活性成分的果寡糖被fructosylnystose , nystose , andl - kestose ,其中聚合度的結果如下(克/公斤) :酪蛋白, 200.0 ;太白粉, 529.5 ;蔗糖, 100.0 ;豆油, 70.0 ;艾因- 93克礦產組合, 35條;艾因- 93克維生素組合, 1.0 ; L -胱氨酸3.0 ;膽鹼bitartrate , 2.5 ;和BHT , 0.014 ; nondigestible碳水化合物, 50 (對幹重的基礎上的主動元件) 。小鼠被單獨安置在代謝過程中的籠子天18-20以便收集糞便無干擾的coprophagy和木材寢具。糞便作廢收集立刻到冰沐浴管,以防止損失的scfa和惡化的糞便脂肪。該所收集的糞便中的3 D人混在一起,是一個3維糞複合,保存於20C條直至分析。一天21 ,每件鼠標被砍頭後,淺麻醉,從0900年至1200年後,一個通宵快。血液採集到肝素化管道的情況。肝臟和大腸被立即清除,打掃生理鹽水,抹殺乾燥,然後過磅,肝臟被凍結使用液態氮中,並儲存在- 20C條直至分析

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