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aiko 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

英文高手..中翻英 (急) 20點-<不要翻譯機>




--------------------------- 中翻英~翻譯機別來..不給點喔!

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    As the technology in Medical is progressing,Many people who are not satsified with their apperance now have the chance to make it different.

    In these days, plastic surgery is one of the hotest topic people discussed about.From youngesters to elders spending money to make themself look better.

    American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) statistic indicated that 8.3 million people had done the cosmetics in America in 2008. 20% higher than the privous year.And men to wonen is 13% to 87%. The most popular surgery in Taiwan are as follow:Double eye-lid surgery,

    lower blepharoplasty,augmentation rhinoplasty , breast augmentation ,and face lift .

    The reason of this fad are : First, competitive society are gaining more and more pressure among people. Therefore, women today are more prepossessing if they have both intelligence

    and apperance. beside, There are few Specialized Aesthetic Plastic Surgery center in Taiwan provide high quality service and protect customers private. Last one reason is Korean is plastic surgery culture has deeply affect Taiwanese people since Taiwan has many Korean

    fashion followers , and Many of Korean actress seem doing well with their plastic surgery also encourges others flock to the surgery center.

    Before you do it, the most important thing that you need to give it a thought is why you want to do this. Do you really want to look better ? or just people want you to look better ?

    You have to evaluate the risk of the surgery and can you afford it financially.

    Aesthetic plastic surgery is not lax moral thing , but a way to persue perfectness, everyone has the right to persue the beauty, and trying to show the best side of oneself is just only our nature.

    參考資料: 晚上睡不著想出來的
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