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Fei_Chun 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

英文演講 My classmates ~~20點


而我相信 現在的國中記憶 將是我未來最深刻的回憶

在我們班上 有很多類型的人

有搞笑 聰明 也有 樂觀 開朗 的開心果


有一個同學 很愛聊天 每次下課 就跑來找大家

只要他一出現 大家總是笑聲不斷


很聰明 只要有問題 他都可以給出完美的解答

再來就是我們的班長了 他既聰明又溫柔

斑上的同學 無不對他疼愛有加

他不但樣樣都是斑上的第一名 也是我的好榜樣

我的同學 優點是講不完的

我非常愛我的班 還有我的同學

國中三年 是我最不想遺忘的時光

請在最前面加上介紹〈hello everybody......〉

然後翻譯~~ 謝謝囉~~ 不知道這樣順不順~~

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    Hello everybody, I'm XXX.

    In my opinion, we must have an unforgettable memory that is deeply in our heart.And I believe my middle school memory that I'm having right now will be the most memorable moment in the future.There are so many different types of people in my class.Some are funny, some are smart, and also we have some happy, active people.All these people bring me deep affections.One of my classmates likes to chat with people. Whenever we have a break, he will always come and talk to everyone. His appearance always brings out our laughters. Another classmate of mine is very smart. Whenever i have a question, she will always give me the the perfect answer.Then about our class leader, he's very smart and kind.Every single person in my class likes him.He's not only the best in everything of my class, but also he's my idol. I can't tell you all the advantages of my classmates,but I can tell you that I love my class and I love all my classmates.Three years of time in middle school are the period that i will never forget.


    "I can't tell you all the advantages of my classmates,but I certainly can tell you that I love my class and I love all my classmates."

    這段翻譯的話就是 " 我沒辦法告訴你所有同學的優點,但是我可以很篤定地告訴你我愛我的班級,也愛我的同學們。"



    希望有幫到你 :)

    2008-04-30 10:02:17 補充:





    參考資料: 自己
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  • 1 0 年前

    good morning(good afternoon/ good evening) ladies and gentlemen..

    the topic of my speech is "my classmates"

    i believe that everyone has momeries deeply inside of them..

    and i think that my middle school time would be one of it..

    there are different types of people in my class..

    the people that are funny..

    or the people that are always happy..

    last but not least..

    the people that always cracks me up..

    these people had always been affective to me..

    there's this one classmate who really likes to chat..

    he/she talks to everyone during break time..

    and he/she always makes everyone laugh..

    there's is this other classmate who is really intelligent..

    he/she always have an answer to every question u ask..

    also the leader of the class..

    he/she is really smart and is always nice to everyone..

    everyone treats him/her well..

    he/she always gets first place in my class on everything..

    he/she is also my idol..

    there are just so many good stuff about all of my classmates..

    i love my class and all my friends..

    the three years of middle school is irreplaceable..





    演講稿好 但 演講時的語氣也非常重要

    (p.s 我國中三年英文演講可是都拿第一的唷 =] )

    參考資料: myself
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