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  • 迎曦
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    With development of technology and society, pepole gradually attach great

    importance to their quality of life. In the developed countries, most people now

    have eco-awareness to cherish our earth. Each of them practices this activity in

    his daily life, such as providing his own chopsticks and spoons by himself for

    dining out.

    It is chopsticks and spoons that is beginning in my design of a eco-lunchbox.

    Modern people often dine out with carton, Styrofoam and plastic utensils. It will

    not only waste resources but also pollute the environment. Providing our own

    utensils and eco-lunchboxs by ourselves can reduce how much the chemo-utensils are used. But in other hand, people may not feel like to carry them for

    inconvenience. So designing a convenient-carried eco-lunchbox that can be

    stored will draw people to use more.


    1. With.....( + N. / V-ing ) 隨著.....;因為.....

    2. attach great importance to 注重;重視

    3. developed country 先進國家;已開發國家 ( developing country 開發中國家 )

    4. eco-awareness 環保意識 ( eco- ~ 環保的某物 )

    5. cherish 珍愛;愛護 v.

    6. practice 實行;實踐 v.

    7. provide 裝備;提供 v.

    8. dine out 在外用餐 ( dine 進餐 v. )

    9. chopsticks 筷子 n. ( 因為是兩隻,所以本身要加 s )

    10. spoon 湯匙 n.

    11. It is ..... that 有加強語氣的意思

    It is chopsticks and spoons that is beginning in my design of a eco-lunchbox.

    我設計環保餐盒的構思起源,就是筷子和湯匙 ( 本句中加強了筷子和湯匙為重點 )。

    12. eco-lunchbox 環保便當盒 n.

    13. carton 紙盒 n.

    14. styrofoam 保麗龍 n.

    15. plastic 塑膠的 adj.

    16. utensils 餐具;器皿 n.

    17. reduce 降低;減低 v.

    18. chemo-utensils 化學餐具 n. ( chemo- ~ 化學做成的某物 )

    19. in other hand 在另一方面

    20. feel like ( 因心情好而 ) 想要做

    21. inconvenience 不方便 n. ( convenience 方便 )

    22. convenient-carried 攜帶方便的 adj.

    23. store 收納;儲藏 v.

    24. draw 吸引;誘惑 v.

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  • JACK
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    With the development of technology and the progress of our society, people gradually pay more attention to the qualities of life so that everybody starts to emphasize respond to environmental protection, which means loving our Mother Earth. And little by little everybody tries to put the activity into practice, such as providing chopsticks and spoons by himself.

    And it happens that chopsticks and spoons are the sources which I design my lunch boxes. Most of the modern people often eat out, so the use of paper boxes, Polystyrene and plastics cannot be avoided. With such a long-term accumulation, the resources of our Mother Earth will surely be wasted and plenty of pollution will be made. Therefore, one of the answers to solve the problem is to bring a lunch box with you; however, owing to the inconvenience of carrying, people will be reluctant to have so good a habit. In my opinion, it will make people keep using lunch boxes if we design a lunch box easily carried around and conveniently stored.


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