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13/Flash cards

Flash cards are probably the most important teaching resource to have, and we need a wide range of them. They can be used to introduce and practice just about any language target and some of the most useful categories are:

*Phonics cards

With a phonic sound on one side and a picture that illustrates the sound on the other (e.g. a-apple, ar-car).


Arranged according to how common or difficult the words are, to fit a phonic sequence, or in themes such as colors, farm animals, and countries.


Numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons


Sets of sentence cards for each of a number of patterns such as likes (e.g. He likes playing tennis), or…ing (e.g.She’s playing the piano )


Sets of sentence cards arranged according to a theme such as daily activities(e.g.She’s getting up), the weather(e.g.It’s raining ), or adjectives(e.g.It’s a friendly gorilla)

14/Puppets are also wonderful to have around and can add a llt to dialog practice. There are many puppets available in toy stores, but simple finger puppets or paper puppets stuck on pencils or chopsticks can be just as much fun to make and use, and cost almost nothing. T he children can even draw faces on their thumbs or on an unpeeled banana. The best puppets are usually ones made by the children. A puppet a child made belongs to her, and she is likely to feel a much greater sense of ownership both of the puppet and the language the puppet produced during activities.



Standard card games, pairs of words or phonic sounds for concentration games, domino cards with half-words at either end

*Board games

Snakes and Laddes, Tiddleywinks , race games or the children’s favorite board games from home.

*Phonics accessories

Phonic builders, letter tiles (with vowels and basic phonic combinations in one color and consonants in another color).

*Things that stick to the board

Sticky balls, toy crossbows, and toy bows and arrows

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    閃光記錄卡大概是最重要的教學資源有,和我們需要寬量程的他們. 他們能被使用於介紹和實行就語言靶子和某些的最有益的類別是任何的附近:


    和聲音的聲音一邊兒和圖畫那個舉例說明聲音準時地其他的 (例如 一-蘋果,阿根廷-汽車).




    數字,天於一週, 一年的第幾個月,和季節


    放置的句子卡為了每個的若干模式諸如喜歡 (例如 他喜歡玩網球運動), …ing (例如她在玩鋼琴 )


    放置的句子卡安排根據主題諸如每日的行動 (例如她在獲得向上), 氣候 (例如下雨了 ), 附屬 (例如有人友善親切的大猩猩)

    14/木偶也極好的有在周圍和能把llt加入對話實行. 在那裡是許多木偶有用在玩具船用物料, 但是簡單手指木偶紙木偶黏固在鉛筆筷子能是正當如同很多樂趣到做和使用, 和費用幾乎什麼也沒有. T他孩子們甚至可以提取面數上他們的拇指上unpeeled香蕉. 最好的木偶通常是一製造附近孩子們. 一木偶一孩子製造屬於到她的, 和她是很可能到感覺一很多更大感覺的所有權兩者的這木偶和這語言這木偶畸形伸長的在期間行動.





    蛇和Laddes,Tiddleywinks , 種族遊戲程式孩子們的喜愛的木板遊戲程式從家.