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1.As we can see, God plays an important part in creating the world as well as human beings, Adam and Eve. In terms of this consequence, could you try to analyze the relationship and significance among them? Then, in the Garden of Eden, what is the symbol of Tree of Life? Do you think it conveys any special meaning? Finally, please use your modern viewpoint to criticize the reaction to God after Adam and Eve are found eating the forbidden fruit.

2.Could you compare the similarities and differences between Cain and Abel, and Esau and Jacob? What makes them intend to terminate the other and what are imbedded behind these two stories according to your interpretation?

3.Because God notices that people are becoming unfaithful to Him, He decides to flood everything away expect Noah. In this story, we could see so many symbols and signs, like ark, raven, dove and rainbow. What do they really imply besides their literal meanings? Please elaborate.

4.So far we have read some female characters, like Eve, Sarah, Hagar and Rebekah. Could you try to delineate their positions individually and compared them with the so-called manhood in the textbook

5.Please analyze the connotation between Moses and Pharaoh? If you could, please examples to support your ideas.

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    1.如我們所見,上帝在創造世界和人一樣好中起重要作用,亞當和夏娃。 就這個結果而言,你能努力在他們中分析關係和意義嗎? 然後,在伊芳甸園的花園,生活的樹的象徵是什麼? 你認為它傳送特別的意思嗎? 最後,在亞當和夏娃被發現吃被禁止的水果之后,請使用你的現代觀點把回應批評給上帝。

    2.你能在凱恩和埃布爾和Esau和雅各之間比較相象和差別嗎? 什麼使他們打算結束其他和被根據你的解釋在這兩個故事后面嵌進的?

    3.因為人變得對不忠實他的上帝通知,他決定淹沒所有東西離開期望諾厄。 在這個故事裡,我們能看見那么多符號並且簽署,象諾亞方舟一樣,大烏鴉,潛水和彩虹。 他們真的除他們的文字的意思以外暗示什麼? 請談到細節。

    4.迄今我們已經讀一些女性性格,象夏娃一樣,莎拉,黑格和麗蓓卡。 能你分別努力刻劃位置並且把他們與那些教科書所謂成年男子比較

    5.請分析在摩西和法老之間的涵義嗎? 如果你能,使例子滿意支持你的想法。


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