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    Rush Hour 2: (Lalo Schifrin) Whether you like them or not, the pairing of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker turned out to be more of a success in Rush Hour than anyone could have predicted, with the film grossing over $250 million worldwide. For the directors and producers of the Rush Hour phenomenon, an equally important element of the film's success was the musical score by legendary jazz composer Lalo Schifrin, who remains best known for his hit television themes and scores for such shows as Mannix and Mission: Impossible. Schifrin's score for the original Rush Hour was a sort of novelty item, overshadowed obviously by the slapstick action in the film, but nevertheless of interest to Schifrin's fans and those few who collect such comedy action scores. Director Brett Ratner insisted beyond all else that Schifrin be employed for the sequel score, stating, "Lalo was as important to Rush Hour as were Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, which is to say that he was indispensable. There's no movie without him." As Ratner suggests, the role of this sequel film was to make a larger scale version of the original, adding that "for Rush Hour 2, the idea was to expand on the original idea with the addition of a more classical, symphonic approach." Ratner continued by reaffirming that Rush Hour 2 was an opportunity for Schifrin to revisit the same kind of material heard in his Enter the Dragon score, which remains one his more popular film scores to date.

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