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The marquee pitching matchup that Yankees and Indians fans expected when Chien-Ming Wang faced C.C. Sabathia in Division Series Game 1 last October actually played out this time.

Wang and Sabathia squared off with ace-like results yesterday at Progressive Field, and the only mistake was made by Sabathia: Melky Cabrera's fifth-inning homer gave the Yankees a 1-0 victory.

The day was not a purely positive one for the Yankees, though. Catcher Jorge Posada was scratched just before the game with more shoulder problems and is headed to the disabled list. He plans to be examined by noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala.

Wang, who gave up 14 hits, four walks, two hit batsmen and 12 runs in 5 2/3 innings in his two dismal playoff starts against the Indians last year, was in total control yesterday. In addition to his usual power sinker, he featured a tight, well-located slider and a diving splitter.


marquee pitching matchup

Division Series Game

squared off with ace-like results

Jorge Posada was scratched just before the game,scratched如何解釋較恰當

dismal playoff

diving splitter

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    marquee pitching matchup(天王對決;王牌投手對決)

    A Marquee Matchup (but Don't Tell Johnson)

    Division Series Game(分區系列賽)


    squared off with ace-like results(如王牌般的投手對峙)

    Jorge Posada was scratched just before the game(比賽前一刻,捕手Jorge Posada的名字在比賽名單上被劃掉了)

    dismal playoff(遭透的季後賽)

    diving splitter(下沈的指差球)


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