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10.Is there a list of approved Vendors?

11.Is there a method of approving Vendors?

12.Are there documented procedures in place for Purchase Requisitions / Purchase Order review?

13.Is product and material identified and controlled from receipt through the manufacturing cycle?

14.Is non-conforming material clearly identified and segregated?

15.Are there documented methods in place to verify and approve new process or modify existing processes?

16.Are inspections and tests methods clearly defined?

17.Does the quality organisation have clear reporting authority to company management?

18.Are contractual requirements for inspection and test flowed down to work instructions?

19.Is there a documented calibration system in place?

20.Does the calibration recall system specify calibration intervals and allow for adjustments of the intervals?

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    10.Is 那裡批准的販賣者名單? 11.Is 那裡批准販賣者方法? 12.Are 那裡到位提供了規程為購買申請書/購買訂單回顧? 13.Is 產品和材料被辨認和被控制從收據完成製造業週期? 14.Is non-conforming 材料被辨認和清楚地被分離? 15.Are 那裡被提供的方法到位核實和批准新過程或修改現有的過程? 16.Are 檢查和測試方法清楚地被定義? 17.Does 質量組織有清楚的報告的當局對公司管理? 18.Are 檢查和測試的契約要求下來流動了到工作規程? 19.Is 那裡一個被提供的定標系統到位? 20.Does 定標回憶系統指定定標間隔時間和考慮到間隔時間的調整?

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