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A long time ago, there was rich man, he is very snobbish. When he sees the rich person, always has smile on his face. When he sees the poor person, then he disdains the poor person.

One day, in the evening, the rich man has two visitants. One is in magnificent clothes, the other is dressed in rags.



原本我要翻的:很久很久以前,有一個大富翁叫「白面虎」,是一個非常勢利的人,當他看到富有的人時,總是臉帶笑容;看到窮人時,則表現得十分不屑。 有一年的某天傍晚,白面虎家門前來了兩個人。走在前面的那個人叫「李才」;走在後面那個人叫「王少」。李才穿著非常華麗的衣服;王少則衣衫襤褸。當僕人告知「李才」來訪時,白面虎笑臉相迎。即便李才向他借十兩銀子,他也二話不說地答應了。但是王少跟他借些米時,白面虎看了他一眼,並且厲聲斥責他:「快滾!我家又不是救濟院,你這窮叫化子少來煩我!」



頭 尖 身 細 白 如 銀

論 秤 沒 有 半 毫 分

眼 睛 長 在 屁 股 上

光 認 衣 裳 不 認 人







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    There being Weng Jiao4"the white faced a tiger" in a Ta-f once upon a time was a very snobbish person, while being him to see a full of person, always the face brought smiling face;Then express while seeing poor people pretty much disdain to. There is a year of a certain evening, the white faced tiger family to come two people.That person who walks in the front calls "Lee is just"; Walking on the back that person calls "Wang2 Shao3".Lee is just dressed in very gorgeous clothes;Wang2 Shao3 then is out at elbow.When the servant tells "Lee is just" to come to visit, the white faces tiger smiling face to mutually face.Even if Lee just borrows 12 silvers from him, he also two words don't say that the ground promised. But when Wang2 Shao3 borrow some rices from him, the white faced a tiger to see his one eye, and harsh voice condemn him:"Roll fast! my house isn't a poorhouse again, you this poor beggar is few come vexed I!" Wang2 Shao3 connects contradictory leeways to all have no, was bombed by the servant to go out.

    That evening in Lantern Festival, when the all familieses all lift lantern to come out to make a rice glue ball, Wang2 Shao3 also lifted lantern to come out.The lantern that Wang2 Shao3 lifts is big and bright.In addition to these distinguishing feature, still wrote a poem on his lantern.

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    Head white with thin sharp body as silver

    Talk about steelyard to have no half milli- separately

    Eyes are on the bottom

    2008-04-29 16:57:12 補充:

    Only recognize clothes don't recognize a person

    The white faces a tiger to smell speech great anger and the Nu scolds:"You this isn't scolding me, does the difficult way scold other people?"

    2008-04-29 16:57:32 補充:

    At this time, Wang2 Shao3 roars with laughter ground to say:"Big Ye, you are too distrustful!

    2008-04-29 16:57:36 補充:

    this four poems are just an a puzzles just! the answer of this puzzle is "needle"."Afterwards, this thing gradually gets abroad and becomes people to come to guess riddle amusement.It is said that up to now, people always guess on the rice glue ball night that"riddle" adds to the fun.

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