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請問幾句英文! 關於ISO 9211 鍍膜~

The PH shall be measured either electrometrically by means of a glass electrode, or colourmetrically using bromothymol blue as an indicator.

The salt water solution shall be prepared by dissolving sodium chloride in distilled or deionized water at room temperature to obtain a concentration of 45 g/l. The sodium chloride shall not contain more than 1% impurities in total.

The purpose of these tests is to evaluate to what extent the optical and mechanical properties of optical coatings on components and substrates are affected when subjected to specific abrading conditions at ambient atmospheric conditions.

翻譯成中文 要順一點喔!!


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    酸鹼値(pH)必須利用電測法以玻璃電極測定, 或利用色測法以溴瑞香草藍 (bromothymol blue)為指示劑測量。

    鹽水溶液之製備須在室溫下以氯化鈉溶於蒸餾水或去離子水中, 配成 45 g/l 濃度。氯化鈉所含之雜質總共不得超過1% 。

    這些測試之目的, 為評估在大氣環境中特定磨蝕條件下, 零件與基質上光學塗層之光學與機械性質所受影響之程度。

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